IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box

Based on the home broadband network, with the TV as display device, to provide users with on-demand or live TV content and applications or LIVE TV services, while providing multi-screen interactive experience, is an important product of home multimedia.


DVB Set-Top Box

Based on the cable digital TV network, the advanced 4K HD decoding chip is adopted, with complete embedded security encryption and decryption function, integrated with the quad-core high-performance processor, its processing performance can meet various d


ONU Smart Home Gateway

With GPON optical network access, smart home control hub and wireless routing and other functions.


ONU Fusion Smart Home Gateway

Through the photoelectric conversion or cable Internet access business, intelligent management, to provide users with Internet voice and multimedia services and other services, integrated multimedia decoding output the set-top box and the gateway access t


Gigabit Smart Router

This product is a terminal device that extends the coverage of wireless LAN (WIFI) network of smart home gateway in the home broadband user network.


NB - loT Module

Hisilicon Hi2115 chip is adopted, with serial port wake up mechanism, and has good performance in power consumption, delay, rate and other performance.


LTE Communication Module

UMA201 LTE Cat4 module adopts Hisilicon Balong711 chip platform, supports TCP/UDP/PPP/FTP / / PING/CMUX data transfer protocol (NTP) and 3 GPP standards the AT command, enhanced the AT extension instruction.


25 GBIT/s Front-Transmission Optical Module

25G SFP28 series 5G base station front optical module adopts cost-effective SFP28 package structure, including SFP28 SR, SFP28 LR and SFP28 ER series products.

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